Overcoming Anxiety

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Anxiety: “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.”

You can look up the definition of anxiety all you want but when you’re having an anxiety attack it literally has no definition. Everything goes blank! I can’t quite put it into words but I’ll try to explain the feelings I felt during an anxiety attack and how I have been able to handle them as well as prevent them.

Anxiety attacks feel like you can’t breathe. They feel like no one understands you and you’re all alone. You’re in this moment where all you want to do is cry and be alone. It’s the worst when people say its all in your head because you feel it in every inch of your body. I remember getting anxiety attacks after I would have arguments with special people in my life. I valued their opinions and when I didn’t understand something or I felt like they were upset at me and didn’t want to talk or make things better, it made me nervous, anxious, I felt like they didn’t care. My heart would start racing because I didn’t understand. I was trying to solve problems, to talk things out, to express my feelings and when someone would call me crazy or sensitive and just leave things worse than when they started it made me panic. Everything would go blank and anything I said or did after was not me.

I remember I would run into the bathroom, lock myself in and drop down and cry and cry and cry to the point where I couldn’t breathe. My head hurt, my whole body felt numb, I couldn’t speak properly because I was in between crying and trying to breathe. I would put my head in between my legs and just try to relax after a good 15 minutes of freaking out.

It took a lot for me to get upset. Everyone always viewed me as a chill person, but now all of a sudden I was crying every day. Every day was an anxiety attack. Whether it was because I cared about someone a lot and I felt like they didnt or because I missed my family, or because I was stressed about work, whatever the reason was it got to a point where stress just took over my life. Others opinions were more important than my own, and overthinking always resulted in an anxiety attack.

After my attacks would be over I remember people would send me articles on how to deal with anxiety. I appreciated it and I knew it was just because they cared but those were the last things I wanted to see. I already felt like people didn’t understand me and when they sent those articles it just made me feel like they just wanted to fix me, and were verifying that there was something wrong.

When it comes to anxiety, you are the only one who can decide to cure it. I remember looking at myself in the mirror one day and seeing how unhappy I was. The inner self-loving voice in me said that I needed to make some changes. So this is what I did:

1.) Remove yourself

I needed to remove myself from people and situations that made me upset. I realized that people can be good people but if they don’t listen or arguments with them cause your anxiety then you need to take a step away from them. You need to reevaluate situations when they are not around you. When you’re around those people, you’re looking for things to bring up, you’re focused on the negative and it’s almost like you’re trying to create a problem because you want to see that someone cares and when they don’t then thats when anxiety hits. So no matter how much you care about those people take a step away from them to focus on yourself.

2.) Focus on yourself

When a lot of people have anxiety they also usually have depression and lose that self-love and self-worth for themselves. It’s the hard truth. We get so intertwined with what everyone else is thinking and the expectations that everyone else has of us that anxiety hits like a freaking semitruck. After I decided to make a change, I remember sitting in my room at my parent’s house watching “the secret” along with any other law of attraction movie or video I could find. The law of attraction states to become what you want to attract. I knew that if I continued to be sad and upset I would only attract more of it because thats all I was focused on and that’s all I saw in the world. So I decided to write down the things that made me happy. I wrote down Mexican food, mexican candy, pretty views, clothes, etc….  Whatever it was that made me happy I wrote it down. Then I started to implement more of those things into my life. I started going on drives to see pretty views. I started watching funny movies, I started reading insightful books. I ate a lot of tacos lol My life became fun, and I became happy!

3.) Be Grateful

Being grateful and appreciating everything in your life is probably the best thing you can do. It makes you realize how fortunate you are, how there are things to smile about, and how it drives you to have more of the things you love. I have a ritual that I do, I wake up every morning and I thank the universe/god for everything in my life. It starts my day off with so much positivity!

4.) Meditate

I know I mention meditation all the time, but this really helped me. For anyone dealing with anxiety at first you’ll have so many thoughts running through your head but as soon as you start controlling your breathing and focusing on the good in your life and the things you want, meditation will be such an amazing experience. I meditate every morning for 10 minutes after I shower. Im in such a relaxed state and I feel so good afterwards.

5.) Try new things and be active

Get active, release endorphins and try something youve never tried before. You might find your purpose in life or just a fun activity that makes you happy! I tried surfing, snowboarding, and rockclimbing. Those were all new things to me, but I loved each and every one of them. They were so fun and being able to stand up on a board or climb all the way up a wall made me feel so accomplished. I did something for me, not for anyone else and I enjoyed it. Find the things you’ve always wanted to try and do it!

After doing these steps anxiety has left my life. I feel happier and calmer and more patient. I realized that no matter how much a person or a circumstance made me upset I was the only one who had control of my own reality. I loved and cared for so many people and so many things, but if they made me upset, they weren’t for me. You’re the only person who can control your own happiness and if something doesn’t make you feel the feelings of being happy, move on from it!

Thank you for reading this article! I hope it helps, and remember to always hfgl (have faith, give love)


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