Forgiveness is something that many find very hard to do. We go about our lives, get upset at little things, big things, hold grudges and for what? The only people getting hurt in the process of this is ourselves. So why not forgive, why not let go?

Ive had a lot of people hurt me, and I havent been an angel myself. It was hard for me to forgive people until I realized that holding on to negativity and thinking about things or people that made me upset only made me more upset, more anxious and took me down a road where I didnt want to be.

I recently got into an argument with someone whom i truly care about. I argued and argued trying to get my point across. I expressed how much they’ve hurt me and how they’re words continue to hurt me. I was getting so upset. I started to yell. I couldn’t understand how someone wasn’t understanding my point of view. How they weren’t willing to listen. After the argument ended I looked at myself in the mirror. I was crying, I was shaking with anger and sadness. I couldn’t breath properly. I realized I was hurting myself emotionally.

I sat down and thought about if I started the argument. I beat myself up emotionally over it. I kept thinking that if I didn’t say this or I didn’t do that we wouldn’t have had an argument. I kept thinking I was the cause of everything. I decided right then and there that I needed to give love to this situation and forgive not only the other person but myself as well.

I wrote a note to both myself and the other person. I wrote down exactly how I felt and why. We were only doing what we knew. I started thinking about what I was able to learn from the situation,what I was able to control and how to handle this type of situation in the future. In the letter to the other person I wrote why I was grateful for them.  I wanted them to know that I appreciate everything they’ve done for me. I didn’t care who was right or who was wrong anymore. I let go of my ego and apologized. It brought me peace.

Every situation is different, but one thing is the same. The more you continue to hold a grudge the more you will only hurt yourself. The more love you give to a situation the more peace you will find within yourself.

References on forgiveness:

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-Roshi ❤

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