Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that helps balance and unblock your energy that may cause illnesses or uneasiness in the body. I’ve been thinking about getting an acupuncture treatment for a while now. I decided to yelp a few places and once I found a place with good reviews I called them.

On the call the receptionist asked what I wanted to come in for. I was a little confused since I thought all acupuncture was the same, and that it was just to balance energy. The receptionist asked me if I had any pain or congestion as an example. I had some shoulder pain and expressed that was an area I would l like to focus on along with balancing my energy.

Once I arrived to the wellness center I filled out some paperwork about my medical history. I then went into the room and changed into a robe. I laid down on my stomach. The acupuncturist came into the room and started putting needles into the areas needed. Some on my back, shoulders, hands and feet. I barely felt the needles at all. It was completely painless. The acupuncturist sat with me for about 10 minutes then left the room. I had about 30 mins to myself. I listened to the calm music and tried to meditate. I had recently gone through a few things that had upset me a day prior to the appointment. I was able to think about those things and got a little emotional but felt a sense of peace in my heart. I then fell off to sleep. I was so relaxed that I didn’t wake up until my session was over.

The acupuncturist removed all the needles super quick, it didn’t hurt at all. I then changed and went to the front of the office where the acupuncturist gave me some water. She mentioned that I might be a little sore the next day, but other than that I could go about my normal day.

The next day  I wasn’t really sore. I was able to move my arm higher than I was  before. My shoulder also did not hurt as much as the day prior. It actually felt a lot better. I also didn’t feel emotional when I thought about the things that upset me the day prior. I truly felt my energy had balanced.

All in all my acupuncture experience was great! I highly recommend it!

Here is some more information about acupuncture if you are interested:

Image result for acupuncture

-Roshi ❤

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