I recently came across a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism. A story of people who have let go of materialistic objects, and thus have started to live a more fulfilled life. One man’s story stuck out to me. He spoke about receiving a promotion, he was in the job he was in because of the pay, and now that he had a promotion he knew he was going to be trapped and wouldn’t be able to live the life he truly wanted to.

So many of us are involved in a cycle. The cycle of “making as much money as possible, to have everything we want”. I realized that materialistic objects only give temporary satisfaction. We stop appreciating what we have and aren’t ever really satisfied.

I remember hearing a talk by Dr. Wayne Dyer, he said  “You are not what you have, and if you believe that you are, then when it’s gone what are you?

I was instantly motivated to go through my belongings and donate clothes. I started asking myself; why do we do work for “things”?  And with this mentality will we ever be satisfied?

After looking around my place I decided to take these steps:

1.) Donate Clothing

  • Only keep 5 shirts, 3 jeans/ pants, 3 sweatshirts/jackets and 4 pairs of shoes

2.) Groceries

  • Throw away old things in the fridge and pantry, create a meal plan for the week so that there is no additional spending or products.

3.) Cooking more and eating out less

  • This may seem a little silly, but I believe that as you eat out you bring leftovers home more and more and most likely than not those leftovers stack up in the fridge.

4.) More experiences, less stuff

  • I decided to start taking more trips, to spend my money on new experiences rather than 10 new shirts lol

Now, what do I hope to accomplish from being more of a minimalist?……Well, I hope to feel more of a cleanse in my physical reality. I’ve never been a huge name brand person, but I do like to have nice things. The gratification of that first materialistic object manifesting into your reality is satisfying, but as mentioned above that satisfaction only lasts so long. However when I think of the travels and experiences I feel a continuous gratification that I can’t explain!

-Roshi ❤

Before and After (All my clothes now fit in one drawer)!

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