About HFGL


Hello! My name is Roshi, owner and creator of the HFGL (Have Faith, Give Love) Project! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I am so excited to share contents of the HFGL project with you!

After experiencing the rut of 2016, I decided that I would make 2017 my year! I wanted this year to be filled with positive vibes and happiness. The HFGL project blog is here to help those who are going through struggles, for everyone who want to start thinking with a more positive mindset, and everyone who wants to experience something new. I want to conquer my fears, document my experiences and show everyone that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Along with documenting life experiences I want the HFGL project to help restore faith in humanity and to give love to all.  Living an HFGL life reminds us to be more optimistic, and give love in any situation 

I look forward to sharing advice, highlighting stories, helping out in the community, and trying new experiences. Please let me know of anything you want me to cover in the blog. Please feel free to drop me a message at hfgllife@gmail.com

Last but not least remember to always “Have faith, and give love”.

-Roshi ❤

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